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The above image is of a gearbox motor combination out of a Lateral Spray unit used to irrigate crops. The unit was serviced at our workshop for a company in the Riverina. This is just one of many projects and services we have done at various times for clients that found we would do it all
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Way back in the 80's I served my apprenticeship in Melbourne and went into contracting in 1986 in the Goulburn Valley Victoria. Being a country kid I learnt to do more than the usual. Moving to Canberra in the 90's and working for the Government gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and take on various tasks new to my talents. I then took time off from the trade and went truck driving for a few years eventually getting back into electrical in around 2007.

The above gave me my background in Electrical and basic engineering etc. During the 90's and before the internet revolution I ran a BBS system and due to limited funds, taught myself to program in Pascal and Delphi to modify some software I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do. I have sales of software all over the world from this. I still program today and tinker with various operating systems including Linux and Windows. During this time I began playing with Pic Micro-controllers and programming these. I did a project for Time Plus in Queensland for the National Indigenous Radio Service as well as many forms of control for my friends. During the late 90's and early 2000 I played around with SMS software writing specialised software to send group messages. This was utilised by the Numurkah SES for some time and also Gungahlin Bush Fire Brigade. I began playing with weather stations in 2002 and during the 2003 Canberra Bush Fires, provided Sutton Fire Brigade with 30 minute weather updates using some weather reporting software I had written that gathered local weather info and passed it to the SMS software I had also put together. Whilst living at the South Coast I modified this software to report weather conditions to the general public on request. Canberra Times conducted an interview with myself in regards to the SMS software and Narooma Times interviewed myself in regards to the weather reporting software. I also appeared on local ABC radio around this time as part of Science Week.

I have also had an interest in Electronics which was my main hobby when I was a kid. Pulling stuff apart and building circuits always palyed a big part in my youth and learning. I loved all types of gadgets and working out how they ran was an obsession.

Now for SECS
Software Electronics Concept Solutions began in about 2007 in response to a demand for the unusual job requests. Whilst we are a small electrical contracting bossiness registered in NSW (Lic# 199041C) we have been called to work on various projects in various states and we combine the above facets of trades and technologies. We can do the odd power point here and there but we specialise in using technology to automate various tasks

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